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After months of dilly dallying I finally managed to put my posterior on a comfy sit and settle and concentrate on a pictorial blog…

1st things 1st, I would like to thank the one and true Lord for his blessings and the gift of sight and with the side dish of a camera & creativity. Also I would like to thank my dearest mother for putting a camera on my Hand & trusting my pre-adoloescent mischievous self  (9yrs) will have the ability to visualise and capture family moments.

I would also like to thank #OneTouch members for the drive, incitement, provocations, challenges, guidance, assistance and education and I am deeply grateful, humbled and I believe my skills would not be where there are now without you guys. Of special mention are

Also grateful to Eugene Wanyama for the #ClickWars (photography wars) which we are still engaged in. The push and drive has been an immense contributor to creativity and I believe at the rate we are going we may one day clash with THE SHOT!

I would advise all creatives to have a professional/creativity peer whom you can compare with, share note, challenge each other and also can be a barometer when years down the line you can sit down and look back and see where you came from and whether you have met your targets and evaluate the successes and failures.

This blog will be guided by the following quote

“Which of the photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” — Imogen Cunningham

Will keep you visually thrilled… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Finally……

  1. That is a beautiful shot.

  2. that image is a killer

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